I’m currently using Jekyll to run the front-end of my website. Jekyll is a static site generator which means anytime something needs to update on my website, I have to rebuild it. I currently trigger a site rebuild from the site’s backend which is running in node.js. I trigger these rebuilds at 2am every morning, anytime I receive a new post via micropub, and manully when I feel like I need to. So far, manually means logging into my server using the command line. I also attempted to create a public secret URL that I could trigger by hitting a url, but it just never seemed to work that great.

Today, after integrating my site with slack I realized rather than just sending webmentions to slack, I could also create a slash command from my slack to my site. Using all the same securities that I added to the webmention alerts, I was able to rebuild my site several times today at a whim using my Slack account.

Screenshot of site rebuild from slack example

I’m pretty excited about this development, but I hope it won’t be needed for much longer. I’m working on rebuilding the front-end of my site in Angular Universal so that my site no longer has to be built statically whenever there is new content. 🤞 Here’s to hoping I’m able to finish that transition soon, but until then this is a nice upgrade.