Eddie Hinkle


Making /watch posts

For a couple weeks now, I've been trying to record what TV shows I watch on my site, by creating what in the IndieWeb we call a watch post. I didn't have much tooling set up for this, so it consisted of me doing a lot of manual work. I would create a blank post in Jekyll, my blog engine, which is really just a list of attributes and values, in what is called YAML. I would visit IMDB, search for the show (if it was the first time I checked into this show) and grab the ID from the URL. Then I would visit The Movie DB and grab the URL for the show, the cover image for the show and sometimes the episode image for the show. I would add all of this into my blank file and add other information like the season, episode, date, time that I watched it. It...wasn't very fun.

So today, I took the first step in simplifying this for myself. I created my "Add Media CLI" project which I have made available on GitHub for those interested. Basically it allows me to type npm start -- tv "Designated Survivor" and it will tell me how many seasons are available. If I add the season number to the end, it will show me a list of episodes in that season, including the episode number, name and date of original airing. Finally, if I provide a full watch post which would look like this: npm start -- tv "Designated Survivor" 1 13 political it will automatically create a new watch post inside of my local jekyll blog directory, automatically name it for the show, season and episode and fetch all of the data I was manually entering previously and save that into my watch post. This also works for movies! Which means using this super simple and quick CLI I just went through and entered a bunch of TV shows and Movies that I hadn't bothered entering for the sake of time in and back-dated them to when I watched them. I've been using trakt.tv to track my shows/movies for probably 6 months... no I have not imported all 6 months to my blog...yet.

This is just the first step. Step 2 is to create a front-end for the node.js powered CLI in Angular so that it has a visual interface. Step 3 will be to break the media check-in free from my computer by having it produce microformat compatible data to a micropub endpoint that would allow anyone to use it to check in to TV shows and movies on their own IndieWeb website.

Please note: This site is in an active redesign. Some things might be a little off 🧐