Eddie Hinkle


Receiving Webmentions

Today I added webmention.io to my website's header. This will allow me to now receiving webmentions from other sites that support it. I haven't gone through the task of actually collecting and displaying them, but the first step is making sure that someone can send me a webmention (A comment, like, rsvp or reaction).

I have two goals for webmentions. The first is to build my website to start feteching webmentions from webmention.io and to start displaying them at the bottom of posts.

The second is to build a native iOS app that can receiving webmentions from a service like webmention.io (or a person's personal website) and display it as an iOS alert. This would be integrated into the indigenous app that I'm working on, but probably won't be integrated until Version 2 in Summer 2017. That would help do for the IndieWeb what the native Twitter and Facebook clients do in allowing you to be notified about what people are talking to you.

Please note: This site is in an active redesign. Some things might be a little off 🧐