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Using the iPad to it's best: So you want the best internet access anywhere?

I have figured out the best set up for getting mobile internet access anywhere.

First off, you start off with the newly announced, iPad. Now as far as that is concerned, you think, "wait for the 3g model, right?" Wrong. Grab the $130 cheaper version without 3g, don't worry, you'll end up spending that money in a much better fashion. http://www.apple.com/ipad/pricing/

But now your confused, because I'm talking about getting internet anywhere ... and I just limited you to WiFi... the point is, 3G just doesn't cut it for a device like the iPad. So what next?

Drop your cable (or other ISP) internet and go with Clear.

For unlimited internet, sign up $45/month mobile unlimited. It gets you a nice little USB stick that gives you 4G internet. You can also go for a home modem bundle, and pay $55+tax/month and have home internet AND mobile internet for about the price of cable internet. www.clear.com

Now you spend your $130...http://gizmodo.com/5192430/review-clear-spot-portable-wimax-wi+fi-hotspot

The ClearSpot portable wifi. You connect your mobile usb stick into it and it creates an instant WiFi hotspot (don't worry, you can password protect it). It's small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack.

So now, you connect your usb stick into your ClearSpot device, and pull out your brand new iPad wifi (forget the 3g, it's outdated anyway), and surf away at 4G speeds of 4mbps. Now THAT is the internet as it's meant to be....

Have another friend with an iPad near you, or you have some friends with netbooks? Don't worry, share the wealth, cause the ClearSpot allows you to connect up to 8 devices to share it's internet ... just don't share the wealth TOO much, cause the more people that are using your bandwidth, the slower your bandwidth becomes ;)

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