Eddie Hinkle

A New Dawn…

I’m going to begin working on an E-Series again. So long ago (3-4 years ago) I had started an E-Series called Nightscreams. It was a weekly short story that I would publish on my site. After the time that has passed, I decided to do it again. This time, I’m going to delving into the vast world I have created through numerous novel ideas. It is the world of “The Sacred”.

My first novel I ever finished, and it’s subsequently sitting on my shelf full of dust, was called “Veritas” and told the tale of Eddie McCullum and Tami VanCarter along with the other 4 “chosen” by The Sacred. Upon my sitting and looking at my finished novel that I was unhappy with I decided I wanted to go back in time and explain how Eddie came to be involved with The Sacred, in a novel that I would call “The Sacred”. Well after a couple years of not doing anything with it. I decided I would start an E-Series about Tami and the beginning of HER involvement with The Sacred, and who knows, we might even get into some of the other 5 members of “The Chosen”…. Oh, it’ll be fun

Stay tuned for more info on the E-Series that will start this summer and will be weekly.

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