Eddie Hinkle

The Prologue…(for Broken)

Star after star flew by. Their reflections glistened off the surface of the body of water.

Slowly, all the stars were replaced by the reflection of a building. Thousands of them.

The further it fell, the faster it fell. As the drop hit the earth there was an explosion.

The explosion wasn’t on the concrete, it was in a building. The glass in front of me flew outward, and the rain began to fly inward. I let the smoking gun fall to the ground next to my feet. As the rain flew in, it began to soak me, covering up the tears on my face with the neutral water of the rain.

My hair became matted, and my shirt began to cling to my body. I took a swig, the vodka burning on its way down.

My finger traced the edge of the label, I took another swig. This one less painful then the last, but painful enough to drive the internal pain to the far reaches of my mind.

I shook my head trying to move, but my body didn’tcooperate. I knew that one of my neighbors had to have heard the gunshot. They would probably call the cops, and then, well then the cops would ask why I had the gun. It was innocent really. I never REALLY planned on taking my life.

Well, maybe I had originally… the memories were fuzzy. Everything was fuzzy as of recent. Well, the last time anything was REALLY clear was before everything began. You see, there are moments in our lives, where one day you realize that was the day that it all changed.

You never realize it at the time really, you just think its another day, but then months go by and it jumps out at you.

6 months ago … as of today actually. Today should have been our sixth month anniversary, but no. Instead today was the day I almost killed myself … or maybe, now that I think about it, maybe today will be the day I DO kill myself. There are still eleven minutes left in the day after all.

December 10th…

That was the day it all changed. But today is the day I realized, it will never be the same.

I hear the sirens in the distance…

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