Eddie Hinkle

Then the end was known…

So, I was cleaning my room and doing laundry the other night …. last night I believe. And I suddenly had this brain surge, so I sat down and started writing, and I wrote out the ending to Broken.

It’s just the rough draft #1, so I’m sure it’ll change as I write the book. After all, everytime you write a story, things end up happening in it that you never realized. In the end, it’s like someone told YOU the story. As my favorite author said at one point, “You have this sudden WOW moment. And that translates to the readers as those ‘AHA’ moments.” Those things that no one knew was coming, not even the author. Because of those moments, endings written early are never set in stone, but now I have a goal to aim for, and for a rough draft, I think it’s a pretty epic ending.

Oh, and a site renovation is coming up either tomorrow or Thursday to bring the theme of the website more towards Broken promotion.

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