Eddie Hinkle

Broken Back Matter

Here is a rough draft of the Back Matter (information listed on the back of the novel), as I write the novel I will continue to improve it to make it sound better, more exciting as well as to flow better with the way the story goes:

Jeremy Fallon’s life has been a pretty stable one, despite the minor ups and downs of life. it’s been smooth, but when he meets Sheri, a spunky wild-hearted girl, he finds his life begin to tilt upside down. With everything he used to know turning around, with all the rules he used to follow now broken, and with the life he once knew seeming insignificant, he faces a future, like many of us, that seems grim and dark. The only question is, where do you turn, when you no longer interested in where you came and you’ve hit the bottom of life?

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