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Clandestine, The Respublica Vestiges Codex begins…

So I’m on page 27 of my novel “Clandestine” which I plan to finish by the end of this year. I wrote all the backmatter for the book while on the plane the other day coming back from Europe. Here is the info.

The top describes the “Respublica Vestiges Codex”, of which the AFOSI: Teen Division Series (as well as Clandestine) is a part of.

THE RESPUBLICA VESTIGES CODEX The Respublica Vestiges Codex is a set of highly confidential and classified files detailing operations and events that occur at home and abroad in special agencies around the world that lead up to the end of the United States as we know it.

That back matter is going to be at the top of all Respublica Vestiges Codex books. Below is the backmatter for the single book Clandestine:

The first ever teenage special agent is recruited to help combat the growing threat of a mysterious organization known as Clandestine. When AFOSI Team Blue Hawk Special-Agent-In-Charge Paul Brandly is notified that a group of OSI agents have been captured he puts into practice a new plan that has been tossed around in the office: secretly recruiting high school students as agents. Ben Johnston is a poor student, avid gamer and has an IQ in the top 1% of the United States. But he has no idea what is in store for him when he is sent to locations overseas and undercover as a college student at the University of Hawaii trying to uncover the quickly disappearing tracks of CLANDESTINE.

That’s all for now, in a couple months, I’ll most likely get an excerpt up and around.

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