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End of Line

I hope everyone will enjoy it, and I now give you the beginning of “End of Line: Nights Aflame”….

The moonlight glistened off the surface. Looking only at it, you could see the moon, the many clouds in the sky, and a few stars. Then came the reflections of the building … thousands of them. The further it fell, the faster it fell. Not only it, but millions of it. The rain drop, which at a distance appeared as a small glisten of moon light or not at all, could actually show you the entire world if viewed close enough. This precious orb of liquid is so tightly linked to another. But this other one is made of salt water. As the drop fell from my check to echo its millions of cousins outside the big window. I wiped the rest away before any more tears could fall. I traced the edge of the label with my finger, the glass bottle feeling refreshingly cool compared to the heated pumping blood in my veins. I closed my eyes, tilting back my head, I took another swig. The alcohol burned the back of my throat on the way down. This was one of those moments that you knew that nothing would ever be the same. But tonight was not the turning place, nope… it went further back. It went back to that night. The night that everything changed. Have you ever had one of those nights? The nights where you have no idea at the time, but afterward you realize this was the night that changed it all… Well that was one of those nights.

6 Months Earlier…

The church music was pounding loudly, I smiled turning up the volume knob a little louder adding more kick drum to the mix. I glanced over and saw her walk in. My stomach flipped a little. I quickly looked away. I tried not to look at her, it’s not like we ever do anything more then say Hi. She was Sheri, after all. There were probably a line of dozens of guys in the sanctuary at the moment that would love to go out with her. She walked over to my best friend, Jacen, and they started talking a little ways away. They talked fairly often. With the music playing good, I walked over to the two of them to join in the conversation. We talked for a couple minutes before she turned to me and asked me the most hated phrase among all single men. “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” she tilted her head to the side a little. I glared, sighed in frustration to the stupid question and walked away. How could girls even think that was an okay question? Do they think that guys enjoy being single? That it’s our intent? I tried to keep my mind off of it for the rest of the night, but it didn’t help when my best friend texted me “Brah I think Sheri’s got a crush on u”. I closed my phone and stuck it in my pocket, shaking my head, no way. My phone vibrated again, I took it out to see what Jacen had said, but it wasn’t Jacen. The text was from Sheri, “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?” I typed back, “Probably just working. Nothing better to do.” “That’s junk. You shouldn’t work.” “Why you have some better idea for me to do?” “Sure, let’s go see a movie.” I froze. But in no way, did I realize what exactly had just transpired.

That’s all I have right now, more to come…

So now the story of how the story above has come to be … a long time ago, I came up with a story/book idea called End of Line, it was actually a trilogy:

Well it turned into a 10-15 page draft in a folder in my filing cabinet.

Then, awhile back through some events, I envisioned a scene of intensity that I wrote down on paper to get the raw emotions out of my system. I figured, who knows what that piece would ever do anything with, but I figured, I miswel save it.

And then a week ago or a little bit longer I was driving and it was raining, that’s when it came to me. The beginning of “Nights Aflame”. A short story that would begin with the new scene I had just written and would contain the previous raw emotion scene I had written. I didn’t have any time so I put off working on it.

Then came tonight. We were worshiping at our house meeting (you see I live with a group of roommates, but not any roommates, they are also brothers. We formed what we call the Brother’s House, and it’s a place we have created to try and build each other up in our lives as we attempt to live our lives with God in mind.). So during worship one of my roommates started playing a song, that brought back memories of revivals we’d have at our church in Illinois. That’s when thoughts began moving and I suddenly realized that End Of Line, which I previously had a beginning and ending, but didn’t know what happened in between was really connected with Nights Aflame, that they were in essence, the same story, just different moments in time.

So I am now beginning work on “End of Line” a short-story series. It is a series of short stories all interconnected as they detail the life of one Jeremy Fallon, and his life through its falls, stumbles, and nights of wondering where to go, all the way to his moments of decisions that will change his life …. forever.

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