Eddie Hinkle

A Night With A Bite

When does one go to work at Borders at 9pm at night?

When it’s a night with a bite…. the midnight release party for Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, the fourth and final book in her Twilight Series.

Dressed up in Prom Attire, and covered in pale makeup, with dark circles around my eyes, I clocked in to work at 9pm, with no idea what was in store for me.

The night began seemingly uneventful. Just before we all clocked in, my female co-workers seemed excited that I had dressed up so specifically, but then we clocked in and went to work. I was told to mingle with the customers, and check if they need any help like any other night, but I felt odd, it wasn’t any other night, regular customers, would probably wonder what a vampire was doing talking to them, or … better yet, what a … druggy with dark circles under his eyes was doing with a borders name tag on. lol. Little did they know of my true purpose…

Shortly after, 9:30pm rolled around and it was time for the Breaking Dawn festivities to begin. They began doing events, and I stood by the reserve table, handing out bracelets with numbers on them that corresponded to where in line the customer would stand come 11:40pm.

Then our DM (District Manager) walked up, and looked at me, he smiled and said, “Some kids in the back of the store were just saying, ‘Did you see Edward? Edward is up there’.” I smiled, glad that my girlfriend had done such a good job on my make-up and glad I could make a small impression on our customers.

Then you see a small group of 3-4 jr. high girls walking by gawking. and then you begin to think, “Oh no … what did I get myself into?” I continue to stand there and help customers, and one girl walked up and smiled, “Could I get a picture with you?” I laughed, “Sure, why not.” And snap there went the first photo of the night. Shortly after, a girl walked up and looked at me, she seemed slightly withdrawn and seemed a little afraid to ask her question and then she blurted out, “Could I have a hug?” lol, Oh, how hard it was to keep from rolling on the floor laughing. I shrugged, “Sure”. Then she vanished from view as she began running around the desk and shelves to get to the side of the table that i was on. While that was happening I looked at my co-worker Alegra and raised my eyebrow. And then I felt a thud of force come from the side as the excited jr. high almost plowed me over. I tapped her gently on the back with a force smile. “Enjoy your night.” and I sighed with relief as she left and my co-worker asked, “Do you know her?” I shrugged… not that I knew of … although I ended up realizing that she is part of the Jr. High ministry at our church, Hope Chapel. Although I have no idea if she recognized me as someone from church or if she just thinks I’m some random employee at Borders.

Over the next couple hours, 3 more people came up and asked for their pictures to be taken with me, the last one being a group of 3.

Aside from that, several more calm people commented that they liked my make-up, or that they thought I looked very closely to Edward.

The rest of the night, a blur, basically the above stated just with lots of handing out bracelets and answering questions, and repeating myself over and over and over again….

Until 11:50.

We gathered up at the register took a few pictures of the staff. Gave the 180+ customers inline a countdown.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 ….

Breaking Dawn!

And the first customer, one to the side of the counter, had already paid for it on borders.com. I had her sign the form before midnight, so as soon as we counted to 0, I handed them the box and smiled, “Have a great night”

And the first copy was off….

Then the masses ensued. 5 of us at register, 3 others feeding our supply of books from the boxes (opened only the very second it was 12:01 and later) to the counter, where we rung the books up and sold them to customer after customer after customer. we had 5 cashiers and about a 180 customers, and we sold to the last customer in line at 31 after meaning that in 30 minutes, we each sold books to about 36 customers each, which is less then 1 customer per minute. Which counts Logging In, Scanning Book, any extra books they had, scanning or typing in their borders rewards card into the system, and them paying.

Welcome to Borders Store: 230, the best it gets.

We then spent the next 30 minutes cleaning up, having a great time joking with her each other, saddened only by the fact that one of our co-workers, it was her last night as she has to go back to school in Idaho for the fall semester.

It was fun, now I have two events to look forward to:

Halloween, I’m finally going to buy the storm trooper armor I’ve always wanted and walk around in full storm trooper garb.

And the other…

December, when Twilight The Movie comes out, for once again, Edward Cullen will be released for an even at midnight.

All in all, it’s an interesting feeling to have people whispering, and smiling and wanting photos and hugs. You have it happen and you know, it’s not you. It’s never you, but you’ve been able to connect with something larger. You’ve been able to grab a character, an awesome character from a book. A character that will soon be in a movie, one that is loved and adored, one that’s an AMAZING person/vampire. One that loves with no heart, and is warmer then half the populace even though his skin is as cold as stone. That you’ve touched this reality and brought him down for the night to inspire, to impact and to make the night better for those that really love this story.

It was an amazing night.


More photos to come from the night once I get them from my managers….

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