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@cleverdevil I’ll just leave this here....😯🤔

For today's IndieWeb Challenge, Aaron Parecki did a great presentation on IndieAuth and had a text transcript of the QA time at the end. Today I took the transcript, shortened it up and bit and added it to the IndieAuth FAQ page on the wiki. Feel free to check it out and add your own FAQ suggestions!
After discussing the finer points of multitags in the IndieWeb chat today, I decided to add support for it to my site. Thanks to my recent re-architecture in November, it was actually really quick and easy. Took less than 30 minutes!
Wow, the Elseworlds crossover for Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl was incredible! Even better, the fact that they hinted and officially announced that next year’s is Crises in Infinite Earths! 📺 🤯 it’s gonna be a long time to Fall 2019!!
Episode 2 of Two Dads Talking is Live and we’ve got a theme song! We talk about the holidays, web browsers and how to make the perfect cocktail ice. But you don’t wanna miss the new theme song!
Watching the Arrowverse “Elseworlds” Crossover with Luke.
This is @Fiona’s disapproval face
Enjoying some of our new Christmas decorations this year.
So glad to have my AirPods back after they’ve been missing for like a month! Turns out they had fallen underneath my wife’s couch cushion the one time I sat on her side of the couch. 🤦‍♂️ which of course was the only cushion I didn’t check.
That was strange... somehow (and I can’t duplicate it) my iPhone had a landscape lockscreen just like iPad. But now it’s gone and doesn’t seem to be coming back 🤔
I’ve been working remotely for over 3 years, not to mention several years of lots of telework days. Working remotely can be amazing and it can be challenging. Nowadays things are pretty solid. If you’re interested in it or new to remote working this is a great article with some great advice.
Put up our Christmas stockings this evening. It’s strange having new stockings that say “Dad” and “Mom”.
Everyone needs a Christmas Elf! 🎄
📺 So excited for the upcoming Arrowverse crossover this coming Sunday! Those 3-4 hours every year are some of the most enjoyable time of tv! 😁
Discussing the state of U.S. politics with my wife tonight after the Bush funeral and I started down a Wikipedia rabbit hole on U.S. Political Parties and Historical Presidents, it’s super interesting. I’m gonna have to continue that when it’s not past midnight.
Got our Christmas Tree set up this past weekend. It’s been enjoyable coming downstairs and seeing it every day. This is the first time we’ve put it in this location and I have to say I absolutely love it!
@manton @danielpunkass @cheesemaker Is it common to do many small Frameworks or a single large one? In a WWDC Session they said you shouldn't have more than 6 frameworks in an app? I'm packing my IndieWeb code and trying to decide if they should be 3 or 1. Any thoughts?
For the IndieWeb Day 3 challenge, I saw on the To Do list that we needed to clean up the Personal Domains page and the Domain Registrar page and merge them. I took a swing at it, and it can be seen here. If you have further thoughts, please help contribute!
Every day in December, the IndieWeb is trying to collectively ship an update. Today, I created a stub for the 2019 Austin IWC page, and Aaron Parecki published it live on the server! So that's day 2! It's missing the schedule and sponsors because I didn't have that info, but it'll be added soon enough 🙂