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I really enjoyed Stranger Things Season 3!! From all previous accounts from the creators, it seems like Season 4 is a pretty sure thing, even though Netflix hasn't officially renewed it yet. I can't wait!
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My office for work this morning
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😔 sigh.

The call a software engineer never wants to make: the ISP (internet service provider). Somehow even when you understand how software and the internet works, you can never understand how everything with an ISP is clunky, slow and error prone.

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Phew! 😓 the main part of the move is over... now just the small stuff/putting things back together.
Moving this weekend. It’s exhausting but I’m really gonna enjoy the new house!
Just found out that I’m going to Star Wars Galaxies Edge today. 🤯 Good bye, Earth. Hello, Batuu!
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Airports are insane. We got here at 2:30am for a 4:30am flight. We waited forever for a bus from the parking. Now, we are standing in a long line at security that appears to not even be open yet?? It’s not 3:46 and our flight is at 4:30... 😡
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Yay, my website celebrates my birthday 🙂 that’s so nice of it! Go enjoy some confetti, today!
I felt like I needed to refresh my home screen in a practical way. So I looked at Screen Time’s “Top apps after pick up” and “Most time in app” lists in order from bottom right to top left. The most used apps are the most access for my thumb (ex: Slack, Messages and Spark)
IndieWebKit is 78% complete! I've gotten majority of features done for IndieAuth, Micropub and Microsub. some more work for parsing responses in Microsub, uploading files in Micropub, and fix an Authentication Services issue
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Taxes tonight 😔
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Wow, Tornado Watch for our area. Rotation detected within a couple miles east of us.
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Clearing out the garage with 1-800-Got-Junk, feels like a very real first world problem, but it can be so difficult to know how else to get rid of old broken stuff, etc.
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First game for us of the season! at Nymeo Field at Harry Grove Stadium with Ash and Luke.
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One of the most irritating things all the streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, ATV). You know what I watched, don't recommend it to me again. If I've watched every episode available in a show, why have it in a suggestion area? leave it in the catalog to hunt for rewatching.
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I’m pretty excited about adding unofficial HomeKit support to my bed mattress. Right now I can just turn the heater off and on. Next up I think I should be able to add a presence indicator if we are in bed or not.
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Wow, I’m very impressed with Apple’s presentation today. Im recording a microcast shortly on 30 and Counting to talk about my thoughts on it.
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Tonight is Luke’s first night sleeping in his own room! He’s a strong boy, only cried for 10 minutes before deciding this was his new bedroom and fell asleep.
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Picked up some blueberries at the store the other day. It’s crazy how small these little things are!
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Happy early St. Patrick’s Day 🍀!! Luke is ready to celebrate!!
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