Eddie Hinkle


I've just [signed up](https://zombiesvirtualrace.com to visit Tomorrow Island](https://zombiesvirtualrace.com/) in the Zombies, Run! 5K/10K Virtual Race - help me survive it!
🏃 Completed Zombies Run Spring #5k: Evaded horrors from the past while racing to save the Crown Jewels #zombiesrun
🏃 Assaulted a few zoms on the way to collect a tank #zombiesrun
Outmaneuvered by a criminal mastermind, but Runner 8 has a plan for revenge #zombiesrun 🏃‍♂️
🏃‍♂️ Abel's gates stuck open - helped Runner 8 distract the incoming zombie horde
Survived rocket launcher attack on our helo. Evaded zombies, made it to Abel Township
Finished 5k training and now part of the official Abel Runners!
Completed my Zombies, Run! 5k!!
Transformed into the ultimate destroyer of zombies, and the world is forever changed
Completed my Zombies, Run! 5k!! #zombiesrun #health #running #5k
Learnt all of Abel's secrets from the doctor
Visited a zombie-infested village with Runner 7
Rewarded mightily after hearing Sam's new plans for his mission
Overheard some juicy details about my real mission here at Abel
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