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Wow, Westworld is starting to twist things up and mess with our minds again.... This is so good!!
🤯 Mind. Blown. Season 2 Premiere of Westworld was amazing.
📺 I just watched the Season 8 finale of One Tree Hill last night and wow, they must have thought the show was not getting a ninth season because that seemed like in incredible series finale, even though the real series finale ended up being the end of Season 9. I enjoyed it and I’m hoping that the real series finale will be just as good if not better.
I’ve been introducing my wife to One Tree Hill recently. It’s always interesting, introducing my wife to shows I enjoyed in the past is always hit or miss. You never know what’s gonna stick. She has been enjoying OTH, 1 season down, 8 more to go! 📺
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I don’t know what it was, but I couldn’t stand Dark Matter. I only made it through one or two episodes! It’ll be interesting to see how I react to Altered Carbon based on these comments. I have it on my Netflix queue
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Crisis on Earth-X Crossover Event Reflections

Wow! I watched the four-part DC crossover event: Crisis on Earth-X today and it was amazing!

So often you are excited about a tv show event or movie and it seems like the people who make it just hit shy of the mark. Sometimes things just never end up as good as you hope.

This tv show crossover series is the opposite! It exceeded expectations! It felt deep, authentic and well planned. Several shows casts and characters are permanently altered based on the events of this crossover series.

Last year’s crossover event was okay but just left me feeling like more could have been done. THIS year’s event is everything that I hoped from last year’s and more. I can’t say too much, without spoiling but I highly recommend it!

Old characters brought back for cameos, interesting twists and ideas and story-altering events!

Wow! DC’s Crisis on Earth-X crossover series is as epic as I was hoping and I’m not even half-way through yet!

This Is Us Season 1 Episode 9 Reflection

Wow! @ash and I just finished watching the latest episode of This Is Us it was ... incredible.


I think the show being named “This Is Us” is so aptly named. It really is the show of reality, the show telling the story of modern life. I have never watched a show so real telling such authentic stories. This show has hit almost every major issue imaginable.

This week’s episode was about the loss of a child through miscarriage. Having experienced this event before, it was especially touching and emotional.

I have to say, if you have ever experienced a miscarriage before, you should watch this episode. It was incredibly healing and reassuring while at the same time terribly devastating, however every moment was authentic.

If you have not experienced a miscarriage, you HAVE to watch this episode. It will help anyone that doesn’t fully understand the emotional issues of experiencing a miscarriage to get a 60 minute glimpse into the several week to month process of losing a child.

I don’t understand how This Is Us knows how to deal with all of these issues so authentically and realistically but it makes it literally the best show I have every watched. I suggest you watch it too.

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Thanks! This is super helpful, looking forward to updates!
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Let me know how to goes! I'm interested in cutting the cord when my Comcast agreement is up next year.
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