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Remark Development Log: Starting with the Kit

This is the first post about Remark, my upcoming Social Reader that is replacing my previous app, Indigenous. In my last log about Indigenous I talked about taking the lessons I’ve learned during Indigenous and structuring Remark better from the ground up.

First things first, I have multiple apps I’m planning on building on iOS (Remark, Chronicler, and Anthologist), not to mention the Indiepaper for iOS app that I built but that needs native IndieAuth before Apple will approve it for distribution in the App Store. Needless to say, neither I (nor anyone else) should have to keep building the IndieWeb building blocks in Swift over and over again. So the first thing I’m doing is taking code for client implementations of IndieAuth, Micropub and Microsub, and putting it into a generic Swift framework that can be included in any Swift application. Apple so often calls it’s frameworks with a “Kit” suffix, so I chose to call this IndieWebKit, for obvious reasons.

Lately, I've had a renewed focus and appreciation for testing. So I bought a new book, Test-Driven iOS Development with Swift. I'm currently reading through that book and looking through the IndieAuth, Micropub and Microsub specs and building tests for the proper functioning of the framework.

My hope is that by making this IndieWebKit a test-driven framework with all the IndieWeb building blocks for client apps, it will be much easier, reliable and frequent that we will see Swift apps built using IndieWeb building blocks.

As I'm working on this core foundation, not just of Remark, but of all of my IndieWeb compatible apps, I'm continuing to think through the features and User Experience of Remark. But more on that in a future post!

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I’m pretty excited about adding unofficial HomeKit support to my bed mattress. Right now I can just turn the heater off and on. Next up I think I should be able to add a presence indicator if we are in bed or not.
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Indigenous has been stuck for a bit due to computer, time and focus issues. Unable to sleep tonight I was able to put my thinking cap on regarding several aspects of Indigenous and I think I’ve got some good ideas regarding the future of Indigenous. Now I just need some time...
A preview of my new homepage!
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Yesterday and Today I took my homepage through a refresh. My goal was to make my website feel less stoic and plain and more fun! I haven't finished the colors but I'm pretty excited about the direction! Interestingly this time last year, I was also re-thinking my homepage! Must be the cold weather of winter!


Excited for IndieWebCamp Online 2019 this coming weekend! If you haven't signed up yet, sign up today! Also, we're hosting a Virtual IndieWeb Meetup tonight, we'd love to have you join us!
9 years ago today, I was about to start my job at Apple Retail! Wow, feels like an eternity ago!


Two Dads Talking, Episode 4: I Made a Pikachu Pancake

Your hosts are back, and they recap Jonathan’s vacation to Maui, discuss sharing special places with family, debate hotels vs. resorts vs. condos, follow-up on some tech topics, and finally talk about balanced parenting. Oh, and Eddie’s cat happens.

Map of Maui

You can find out more about Eddie and Jonathan at their respective websites:

For past episodes or to subscribe to future episodes, visit us at twodads.fm.

Had a great time chatting with Greg planning the upcoming IndieWebCamp Online conference. It seems like just the other day it was months away! Now it’s just under two weeks! Interested in embracing a healthier form of social media? Join us!
Registration for IndieWebCamp Online 2019 is open!, it's the first IndieWebCamp based on the internet since 2014 and we're experimenting with really embracing the internet medium for everything it has. Come experiment with us?
7 Years Ago I was worried my Home Button wasn’t going to survive until the next iPhone came out. Man am I glad that Home Buttons no longer exist!!
Just posted a podcast about my 2019 yearly theme : Clarity, and what it means to me, my projects and my podcasts.
I set up automatic podcast episode importing for my website based on my podcasts' RSS feeds today. You can check out the script here, it's tools like microformats, Micropub, RSS, etc that make me love having a website nowadays!

Passive Tracking > Active Tracking

In the most recent episode of Two Dads Talking, Jonathan and I talk about tracking our information and whether we are using active or passive applications. Jonathan is using mostly passive applications that collect his behavior and translate that into posts on his website. I, on the other hand, spend way too much time tracking all sorts of information: what I watch, what I listen to, where I go, not to mention what I eat and drink. Essentially everything I log is manual, so in 2019 I have a goal to move as much as I can to automated and that which can't be automated to defer to a time when I have free time.

Step one is my listen posts. Currently after every podcast I listen to, I have to remember to activate the share sheet in my Podcast app (Castro) and share it with my app, Indigenous, which will share the url to my website and I will process it for the episode's information. Jonathan shared in the episode that he came up with a script that can pull in his play history from his Overcast account and publish it to his website. It hasn't been approved by Overcast's owner yet and he ran into some issues so he's waiting on those to be resolved but it's do-able. Because of this I switched from Castro back to Overcast yesterday and am looking forward to setting up a similar system so that I can have listen posts be passively tracked just by being played in my podcast player of choice.

Step two are my watch posts. Currently, every time I watch something and want to track it, I have to run a command line script which require me connecting to my server, running a snippet from an app on my iPhone and entering the episode number that I just watched. It's fairly low maintenance but it still requires more thought than I would like. I initially thought I wouldn't be able to use Trakt like Jonathan because I track who I watched it with. I realized, I already use an app to track what I want to watch that is compatible with Trakt, so I can set my site up to automatically import watch posts from Trakt, and then after the fact I can update who I watched it with, thus combining my two goals of 2019: automate and defer. This takes me from opening an app, connecting to my server, selecting the right snippet and entering the episode number into opening an app, tapping on the checkmark for the right show in my watch list. Then, later, I can sit down and add who I watched each show or movie with since I'm not likely to forget that.

I don't have a plan for the rest of my items: ate, drank, checkins, trips, etc. but I'm going to be thinking through them. Right now I have an app that automatically tracks my location everywhere and it logs when I've been in one location for more than 10 minutes and my speed, so I'm thinking I can build something that can analyze that information and present suggestions as to where I might need to checkin and how I might have traveled (walking, driving, biking, etc.) and then just provide the ability for me to modify that information if anything is incorrect and publish it to my site.

Additionally, there is no easy way to automatically track my food, but I can either work on making sure the app I use is as seamless and quick as possible to enter it and finish it, or I can try to defer it by creating an interface that makes it really easy for me to enter a entire day's worth of meals at one time at the end of the day and then submit that.

Any thoughts? Do you track information? Which do you track actively and which do you track passively?

Switching from Castro back to Overcast

As mentioned on the recent episode of Two Dads Talking, I found myself really enjoying Castro, but wanting to shift back to Overcast. I finally figured out a workflow that works for me on Overcast! I have three playlists: Queue (manual), Priority (Smart), All (Smart).

Queue is a manual playlist that I can add podcast episodes to and I always listen to episodes from the queue.

Priority is a smart playlist that lists episodes from my most important podcasts I follow.

All episodes is a smart playlist that includes all podcasts but excludes the podcasts that are in the priority smart playlist.

So my workflow is I listen to podcasts in the Queue, however when the queue runs low, I check my priority smart playlist and from there I can delete an episode I’m not interested in, or add that episode to the queue if I’m ready to listen to it. When I add it to the queue I also remove it from the smart playlist so that I know anything in the smart playlist doesn’t exist in the queue yet.

The best thing is that I can move individual episodes from priority to queue OR priority to all episodes if I feel like I don’t want to lose an episode but I don’t want it clogging up my priority list. The multiple playlists allow for more flexibility than I had with Castro while still allowing me the spirit of what I had in Castro a type of filtering system so I don’t feel I have to listen to every episode of a podcast.

The benefits of switching back to Overcast are also that Jonathan wrote a script that I can use to automatically import listen posts to my website rather than having to do it manually. Also, I’m looking forward to being able to try out Overcast’s Apple Watch app, not to mention I really appreciate Marco’s design aesthetic and attention to detail.

The latest episode of Two Dads Talking is out! It’s the great holiday recap! We’ve got family stories, we’ve got food, movies, video games, Christmas loot, diets and more! Not to mention talking about tracking and recapping our months using our websites.
It was nice to visit my website today and experience the confetti I built last year! 🙂 It's fun to experience something when you first build it, but it's even more fun to enjoy it later when you're not really thinking about it!
My Gen 2 Apple Pencil was supposed to arrive on January 2, 2019. When it shipped that was updated to December 27, 2018. It arrived to today! Happy early Christmas to me!!!!! 👏👏🙌🙌
Researched various tech conferences today. I’d like to start speaking at tech conferences in 2019. I’ve got a handful I’m going to look into and submit speaking proposals to. I can talk about UI/UX, JavaScript, Angular, and Web in General. Any conferences I should know about?
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