Eddie Hinkle


Great article!! It was very enjoyable to read as I’ve been seeing if switching back to Omnifocus from Things is workable. This means slightly re-thinking how I do things and some of your workflows were great inspiration. I also found your Drafts 5 to Omnifocus article SUPER helpful last night for quickly copying a list from a text message and turn it into a project in Omnifocus with tasks
It’s been pretty enjoyable to use the Full Focus Planner. I recorded a microcast about it, if you are interested in the perspective of having used it for a little over a week: http://30andcounting.me/2018/05/24/164311.html // @sumudu @wilsongis @justinhudgins
Thanks! I think we largely agree on the goal of how we use email. My issue was a build up of email because I was mostly ignoring email for the last 2 years rather than processing it. My celebration of getting down to Inbox 0 was my replacement of your “DMZ” folder. Instead I just used some tools to help me filter through a bunch of junk mail so that I could be ready to start processing my emails two times a day. That was a well thought out article. I’ll have to write an article later on about my email processes once I get them sorted out.
🎉 Inbox 0 (Yesterday morning this was inbox 15,000) all thanks to the inspiration from @theweeklyreview looking at you, @macgenie and @jamesdempsey
From 14,000 down to 500ish!! 🙌🙌 I post an official celebration post tonight/tomorrow when I reach Inbox 0
@macgenie and @jamesdempsey Thanks for the Weekly Review! I’ve been struggling with Inbox 0 for awhile! I’ve decided to use Mailstrom to try to get a handle on my inbox! 😁 Thanks for the push!
Just got my Full Focus Planner in the Mail, excited to check it out and see what type of changes it’ll help make in my life 😁
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