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9 years ago today, I was about to start my job at Apple Retail! Wow, feels like an eternity ago!


I designed new podcast artwork for 30 and Counting. Let me know what you think! I have some ideas of some things I want to record about so hopefully I'll get those recorded and posted in the next couple of weeks.
Just posted a podcast about my 2019 yearly theme : Clarity, and what it means to me, my projects and my podcasts.
📺 Ash and I watched Fyre Fraud tonight and wow! What a crazy mess of events! This documentary is mind-blowing. If you have Hulu, you definitely need to watch it, it will just completely baffle your mind!
‪I need to survive a non-stop ride on the world's fastest train – with one zombie onboard. Join me in this Zombies, Run! 5K/10K Virtual Race! https://zombiesvirtualrace.com/‬
The latest episode of Two Dads Talking is out! It’s the great holiday recap! We’ve got family stories, we’ve got food, movies, video games, Christmas loot, diets and more! Not to mention talking about tracking and recapping our months using our websites.

Story-telling and character perspectives in the show "The Affair"

I've been watching the TV show "The Affair" because it has one of my favorite actors and I have to say their story telling approach is so interesting in season one! Every episode is split into two parts, each part is from one of two people's narrative perspective.

The really interesting thing about this perspective shift is that sometimes it covers different events, but sometimes it overlaps the same events that happened in the other part, however in retelling the same event it will have inconsistencies between each person's perspective on how the event happened. Sometimes it's something small like one person or the other started the conversation, or they were chatting in a slightly different room. Other times it is huge inconsistencies like specific things literally never happen in one viewpoint or someone's personality is completely different. For example, the person whose perspective it is, is almost always more docile and the other person is more aggressive. It's really intriguing and makes me wonder if the "truth" of some of these things will ever be revealed or if it will always be a he-said she-said mystery.

So often stories are told in such standard and conventional ways, it really excites me to see stories told in different ways. This tv show is such a great rendition of the classic story-telling tactic of the unreliable narrator.

It's an interesting show and I'm wondering if they are going to change things up in the following seasons or keep the same story-telling approach. If it's the later, will they introduce new perspectives or continue to tell the entire show through these two characters. Only time will tell! Thankfully there are already 4 seasons out so I won't have to wait to find out.

Hahaha! On this day 9 years ago I was on my way back home to Hawai’i from visiting family in Maryland and I was upset about being surrounded by babies. It’s funny how your perspective changes 9 years later when the baby is your own.
My yearly theme for 2019 (inspired by Cortex) is Clarity. This is the first year I’ve tried to pick out a “Yearly Theme”, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. I’m gonna be recording and posting a new 30 and Counting episode to talk more about this in-depth.
Thinking through my goals and how I manage tasks in 2019, and I’m reading through The Bullet Journal Method and seeing if Bullet Journals will be my 2019 approach. It’s interesting, but we’ll see if it sticks 🤔
...See you all in a couple of months 🤩 🎮
Ashley just created her own cocktail 🍹 The Hinkle, roughly based on one called Electric Smurf. It has Vodka (favorite alcohol base), Blue Curaçao (our favorite color is blue), Mt. Dew (favorite drink), then some Pineapple Juice for good measure.
Sweet! Got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. What games should I get??? Hit me up!
🎥 Watched A Simple Favor last night with @Ash. First time we’ve been able to watch a movie uninterrupted by @Luke! Wow, what a crazy movie!!! I’m not sure if I recommend it or not, but it was a wild, crazy ride! And I think I enjoyed it... haha
Editing podcasts is pretty fun (and convenient) on my new iPad.
Don’t mind me...
Wow, the Elseworlds crossover for Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl was incredible! Even better, the fact that they hinted and officially announced that next year’s is Crises in Infinite Earths! 📺 🤯 it’s gonna be a long time to Fall 2019!!
Episode 2 of Two Dads Talking is Live and we’ve got a theme song! We talk about the holidays, web browsers and how to make the perfect cocktail ice. But you don’t wanna miss the new theme song!
Watching the Arrowverse “Elseworlds” Crossover with Luke.
Enjoying some of our new Christmas decorations this year.
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