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I really enjoyed Stranger Things Season 3!! From all previous accounts from the creators, it seems like Season 4 is a pretty sure thing, even though Netflix hasn't officially renewed it yet. I can't wait!
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My office for work this morning
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😔 sigh.

The call a software engineer never wants to make: the ISP (internet service provider). Somehow even when you understand how software and the internet works, you can never understand how everything with an ISP is clunky, slow and error prone.

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Phew! 😓 the main part of the move is over... now just the small stuff/putting things back together.
Moving this weekend. It’s exhausting but I’m really gonna enjoy the new house!
Just found out that I’m going to Star Wars Galaxies Edge today. 🤯 Good bye, Earth. Hello, Batuu!
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Airports are insane. We got here at 2:30am for a 4:30am flight. We waited forever for a bus from the parking. Now, we are standing in a long line at security that appears to not even be open yet?? It’s not 3:46 and our flight is at 4:30... 😡
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Yay, my website celebrates my birthday 🙂 that’s so nice of it! Go enjoy some confetti, today!
Taxes tonight 😔
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Wow, Tornado Watch for our area. Rotation detected within a couple miles east of us.
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One of the most irritating things all the streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, ATV). You know what I watched, don't recommend it to me again. If I've watched every episode available in a show, why have it in a suggestion area? leave it in the catalog to hunt for rewatching.
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I’m pretty excited about adding unofficial HomeKit support to my bed mattress. Right now I can just turn the heater off and on. Next up I think I should be able to add a presence indicator if we are in bed or not.
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9 years ago today, I was about to start my job at Apple Retail! Wow, feels like an eternity ago!


Two Dads Talking, Episode 4: I Made a Pikachu Pancake

Your hosts are back, and they recap Jonathan’s vacation to Maui, discuss sharing special places with family, debate hotels vs. resorts vs. condos, follow-up on some tech topics, and finally talk about balanced parenting. Oh, and Eddie’s cat happens.

Map of Maui

You can find out more about Eddie and Jonathan at their respective websites:

For past episodes or to subscribe to future episodes, visit us at twodads.fm.

Really excited that my Mark One pens came in today!! 👏👏
🍿 I don’t understand why everyone seems to hate the new Aladdin movie based on the trailer? I think it looks pretty good. Sure, Genie looks a bit different and might end up being the worst part of the movie. But I think Will Smith’s voice fits well.
I designed new podcast artwork for 30 and Counting. Let me know what you think! I have some ideas of some things I want to record about so hopefully I'll get those recorded and posted in the next couple of weeks.
Just posted a podcast about my 2019 yearly theme : Clarity, and what it means to me, my projects and my podcasts.
📺 Ash and I watched Fyre Fraud tonight and wow! What a crazy mess of events! This documentary is mind-blowing. If you have Hulu, you definitely need to watch it, it will just completely baffle your mind!
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