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Tonight is Luke’s first night sleeping in his own room! He’s a strong boy, only cried for 10 minutes before deciding this was his new bedroom and fell asleep.
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Happy early St. Patrick’s Day πŸ€!! Luke is ready to celebrate!!
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Taking @Luke’s 7-month Photos a little late but still within month 7!
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Luke wasn’t feeling good tonight and was fussing a lot, so he got to fall asleep in the chair with daddy... a rare occurrence since we’ve sleep trained him! Lol
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Luke just turned over from his tummy to his back for the first time!
@Luke is headed home! Boy are we excited to be home and rest! Look out world, @Luke is out of the hospital.
Introducing... Luke Timothy Hinkle. July 28, 2018.... 1:38am 😴 He’s tired and we’re tired, but Ash and Luke are both doing well.
Winding down and getting ready for bed. Early bed time because we have an early rise time tomorrow. 7am appointment for Ashley to be induced at the hospital. 🀞
and... he's nowhere to be seen! They've given us an inducement date of next week Friday, July 27th. He could still come anytime before then, but he doesn't seem like he wants to!
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The before and after photos of my painting experience this past weekend. (Gray/Blue is new, Brown is old)
A view near the beginning of my painting experience this past weekend
Attempting to research car seats, strollers and travel systems for the baby... I don't know how anyone makes decisions on these things. NO ONE agrees, everyone thinks a different combination/approach is better and more helpful. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Picked up some paint samples for the nursery. I’ll be testing out the colors on the wall this week, so we can buy the official bucket of paint.
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