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Fall 2017 Premieres: SEAL Team on CBS

What more can you expect from a show with David Boreanaz as the headliner? SEAL Team is a blow away show. As one can expect from the previews the show is basically designed to tear at your heart, and it does.

I went into this show wanting to like it, because who doesn’t like Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Haha! But wow, this show did not disappoint! I expected the show to be a lot more focused on the actual combat, and maybe it was an illusion, because I didn’t have a timer going but the show felt to be MUCH more focused on the people and even more about the repercussions of coming home than being out to battle.

I have to say this show hit home, while none of these specific scenarios apply to me, having grown up in a military family watching the story of a military member that has to come back home after experiencing everything they experience struck a real cord with me. The scene that is forever stuck in my mind is the final scene of the premiere, as David Boreanaz sits in the chair, watching his daughter sing. She smiles, and he nervously rubs his palm against his pant leg that hours earlier had been stained with blood and then grips his hand tightly, revealing the emotions and everything that is going on beneath the surface as he smiles at his daughter, proud of her moment singing. That scene killed me and if you give it a chance it will tear you up as well.

I fully recommend SEAL Team and am gonna be following it weekly all season long!

Fall 2017 Premieres: The Mayor on ABC

The Mayor is a new half-hour comedy on ABC. I have to say, ABC is king of the comedies. Although there are some ABC comedies I don’t like, it is rare that they don’t get good comedies. I would give The Mayor a B. It’s not their best game but it’s a decent comedy.

The first episode begins with a young rapper trying to get his music out to a wider audience so he enlisted to run as mayor. It’s a stunt that he doesn’t expect to work, however it turns out his experience living in the city has given him a perspective that the voters liked and much to his surprise, he gets elected as mayor!

So now, he has to figure out how to be a good mayor. The chemistry between Brandon Micheal Hall and Lea Michele works well and keeps the show interesting and engaging, despite the odd premise. I don’t know if the show will last, but for now it’s good for some laughs.

I watched an early premiere, so you can still catch the first episode on October 3rd on ABC.

Fall 2017 Premieres: This Is Us Season 2 on NBC

What can you say about a show like This Is Us! This Is Us just had it’s season 2 premiere on NBC and it was amazing, as was the entire first season.

The entire first season was incredible and more often than not left either Ashley or I in tears before the end of the episode. Season 2 doesn’t disappoint, picking up where Season 1 left off, and yet in some ways with the revelations from season 1 it feels like they’ve upped the ante.

There isn’t much I can truly say about season 1 or season 2 without spoiling the show, so this will be a short review but if there is one show that you can watch, let it be This Is Us. The entire first season is available to stream on the NBC app or online, and season 2 has just started. Catch up before it’s too late!

Fall 2017 Premieres: The Brave on NBC

The Brave is a drama on NBC based around the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and a team of Special Ops working in the field across the world. This is one of the shows I’ve been looking forward to since the premieres were announced this past may.

It’s an interesting premise, you watch an intelligence team based in DIA that feeds information to a field team of Special Ops that “when there’s no way out, they go in” as the show’s tagline says. This show could easily go either way but one of the things that really gets it right for me is their casting for the Special Ops team leader, Mike Vogel. He portrays his character, Adam, in the way that you want every hero to be: he makes his choices because they are right and he ignores order when need be. His depth of character is what really kept me engaged.

It’s tough to say, but I really wish they had chosen something besides Muslim Terrorism as the opening premiere. I know that is one of our primary modern threats to the U.S. and our military but for storytelling it just really feels overused recently. I pushed through the predictable circumstances in this episode because I cared about the team.

I’m interested enough to continue the show, but I hope they come up with some more interesting and innovative scenarios. However, regardless of if they improve the weekly challenges that the team faces, for me the big draw to this show is the main characters of the team and if they are able to keep their lives engaging I can probably suffer through whatever weekly scenario they end up in so that I can see where it takes them.

Fall 2017 Premieres: Me, Myself and I on CBS

Me, Myself and I is a new 30 minute comedy on CBS. I’ll be honest, I went into this watching it almost for the sole purpose of writing about it. I watched the previews and thought it seemed like one of dumbest shows in I’d seen in awhile. Turns out I was wrong.

Comedies can be very subjective, and I did not expect much from this show. The entire show is based around the concept that you see the character Alex in his past (at 14), in his present (at 40), and in his future (at 65). I thought it seemed like an odd concept and as I watched the first half of the episode I felt convinced that my original assertion was correct. Young Alex finds himself dragged into a step-family situation with a new bother, while Modern Day Alex finds himself walking in on his wife cheating on him. I’m not sure why it seems like men walking in on their wives cheating is the new go to scene. However, the small amount of solace was in watching Older Alex think through life after a near-death experience. He is the saving grace of the show, and while I doubted this show for almost the entire first episode, the final minutes brought the entire thing full circle seeming more like a drama than a comedy and almost brought me to tears as unexpected relationships took directions that I never expected.

So take this as my apology for discounting this show out of the gate and I’m gonna have Ashley watch the premiere with me so she can decide if it’s gonna be added to our list of shows that we watch together (which is a rare position indeed). Regardless of what Ashley decides she feels about it, I know that Me, Myself and I has won a spot on the list of shows I’ll be following this new tv season.

Maybe you should give it a shot and think about adding it to your list?

Fall 2017 Premieres: Young Sheldon on CBS

Young Sheldon is a spin-off show based on a main character from The Big-Bang Theory. It’s a cute, quirky show about a little boy that is too smart for his own good. I’m coming in to the show having never watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory and really just having a general cultural knowledge about the story and the characters.

The premise being that Sheldon, a young genius, is beginning his first day at High School in 1989 after skipping 4 grades. His eccentric traits cause his life both at home and at school to be difficult and challenging. The actor plays the boy well and his family members seem to lay off of him very well. The character appears to display some vague autistic, ocpd, and ocd behaviors. Interestingly enough the show’s creator claims this was not intentional. Typically I’m not a fan of how tv shows portray these, however in episode one it seems pretty natural and not overly done. This could change as the show continues.

It’s a funny show, but it doesn’t seem to have that indistinguishable quality for me that makes you just want to watch a show. It’s an interesting premise and I can see how for anyone who is a fan of The Big Bang Theory that this show would be an amazing add-on to the story. But as someone who hasn’t been extremely interested in the original show, this spin-off just isn’t really doing it for me.

It is vaguely interesting and at some point when I run out of shows, maybe when I resubscribe to CBS All Access near the end of the season to watch the rest of Star Trek: Discovery I would utilize my monthly payment to catch up on this show as well. But this show is going to go on my interesting, but not enough to follow it list.

Fall 2017 Premieres: Star Trek Discovery on CBS All Access

I grew up watching Star Wars but have never been a fan of Star Trek. I have some vague memories of a couple of Star Trek movies when I was young, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention to them. The first Star Trek film or show that I watched and enjoyed was the remake by J.J. Abrams’, but I haven’t followed it’s recent sequels.

Star Trek: Discovery is a show on CBS All Access, it’s CBS’ attempt to compete with Netflix and Hulu by having their own streaming service that includes their historical content as well as some original streaming content. The downfall means you have to subscribe to CBS All Access in order to watch Star Trek: Discovery.

For not being a huge Star Trek fan, they did a good job of making the story interesting. It seems to be in the future of the past Star Trek stories because they make some references like the traditional “beaming” technology was old fashioned and “used too much energy”. It is also established that Klingon’s haven’t been seen in over 100 years.

The first two episodes seem to work together to establish the storyline and the creation of a new war between the Federation and the Klingons. From the previews it appears that episode 3 will be a short time jump to the main storyline. I think it was interesting but it’s hard to know how to feel about the show since the first several episodes take place on a ship that isn’t even the show namesake Discovery. It seems like an interesting story but doesn’t seem worth the CBS All Access monthly cost. If you were paying for CBS All Access anyway, it seems to be an interesting concept and seems to be taking Star Trek into new directions. But if you aren’t subscribed to CBS All Access, this show is probably better left on its own and hopefully CBS won’t keep moving more shows to being locked behind a paywall.

I will probably follow suite with what Manton Reece is likely to do and that is subscribe to All Access for a month or two near the end of the season in order to catch up on the missed episodes.

Fall 2017 Premieres: Gotham Season 4 on FOX

Gotham is in it’s 4th season on FOX. As you know, I really enjoy my superhero shows and Gotham is definitely one of them. However, this is the only superhero show that my wife, Ashley, watches with me. Which is a good sign for you, because that means this isn’t your typical nerdy niche superhero show. It’s got a great cast and has a very real, gritty vibe. It is in it’s 4th season, but it’s a great time to jump in because after several years of having Bruce Wayne be a young boy whose parents had just died, he has finally started to become a teenager and a vigilante. In fact, each season has a subtitle and this season’s is “A Dark Knight”, which is Batman’s nickname!

If you are a comic book buff, you’ll have to prepare yourself what is likely nothing like any of the comics, but for the rest of us this is a great, very realistic feeling of a classic superhero and the villains in his world. One of my favorite parts of this series is that the well-known Batman police officer, Gordon, is played by Ben McKenzie (of The OC fame). I definitely recommend this show to anyone looking for a darker show. This is definitely not your light-hearted comedy!

If you’re a completionist like me, I would suggest watching the season premiere of Season 4 to make sure you like the show, and if you do then you can catch up on Seasons 1-3 on Netflix.

Fall 2017 Premieres: Marvel's Inhumans on ABC

My review on Marvel's Inhumans might not be fair, I watched the premiere sitting in an IMAX theater so when Gorgon stomped his foot on the ground the entire room shook. That was the best possible way to watch this 1 1/2 hour premiere, that said, this show is beautiful, exciting and has interesting characters. Marvel's Inhumans is a new show on ABC that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Taking place both on Earth's Moon and on the island of O'ahu in Hawai'i, this show was perfect for me. Having lived on O'ahu for many years and being very interested in living on the moon, this show has two of the best locales for a show.

The characters were intriguing and definitely kept my interest. I am not a big comic book person but I am a big movie/tv superhero person. This meant that these characters are all new to me but I found them very interesting.

I think one of the biggest challenges for me is the two episode premiere did a great job establishing the characters and the crisis but it leaves you kind of wondering what week to week episodes are going to be like and if they are really going to have enough content to keep you engaged all season long (much less for multiple seasons). Also, the entire series feels very removed from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the only link to everything else is the admission that people on O'ahu have heard of Inhumans (which we saw happen on ABC's Agents of SHIELD in the last several seasons).

I am hoping the long story proves to be as intriguing as the premiere and that they can find ways to loop into the greater Marvel Universe even if it's just hints. They aren't on an island...even though they are kind of are.

I would encourage you to check out Marvel’s Inhumans. It’s an 8 episode series starting September 29 on ABC.

Fall 2017 Premieres: The Orville on FOX

The Orville is a new dramedy (an hour long show with a mix of drama and comedy elements) on FOX. There seems to be a focus on parodies of other stories over at FOX right now. While Ghosted reminded me of a parody of Ghostbusters, The Orville is most certainly a parody of Star Trek. From the music, to the outfits and even the cinematic elements.

The show isn't really sure what it is. It is trying to be funny but also deal with serious topics. It starts off with a husband coming home to find his wife is having an affair with an alien. Fast forward one year, and he gets his own spaceship to pilot and of course his ex-wife gets assigned as his 1st officer. While far fetched, by the end of the episode they tied things up enough to make it intriguing enough to continue.

While not as bad Ghosted (which I am not even going to try to continue watching), The Orville has it's own downfalls of weird characters and off-putting storylines. The Orville is most definitely not a "must see show" and will not be something that I follow heavily. That said, with the fall season tv shows starting off slowly, I've continued to watch the first 3 episodes out of curiosity. I'm not going to cross The Orville off my list, but it's definitely near the bottom of it.

Fall 2017 Premieres: Ghosted on FOX

Ghosted is a new half-hour comedy on FOX. I don't know if it's just me or if comedies nowadays just aren't that funny. With the music and special effects this show reminds me of a parody of Ghostbusters. While the story line makes almost no sense I think the worst part of the show is that the two main characters are literally obnoxious. I can handle a lot of things in the shows I watch but one of the primary requirements is I need to care about the characters. They can have all sorts of flaws but stupid obnoxious main characters does not draw me to watch it.

They kidnap the two main characters before we have any chance to care about them, for the rest of the premiere we just watch these two main characters run around the town yelling at each other, screaming and running for the lives. These two characters are completely incompetent.

I think I'm gonna have to cut this show from the list. Sorry FOX, I'm just not feeling Ghosted.

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