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I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about either getting an iPad or a Mac because of the iPad’s software limitations... I think i just figured out the solution..... I just might be broke after...
Yeah, it was always a fun and exciting time. I’m not sure what it’s like nowadays but it took a lot of time and effort but sure was fun! I got my iPhone 4 for a discount because I opted in to work a 13 hour day on the launch day.
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7 years ago today was my last day working at Apple stores. I don’t miss certain parts of the stress and I love spending all of my time programming but there was something amazing about working at Apple Retail.
Hmmm... I’m not sure what Verizon Wireless is trying to pull.... that is WAY overpriced. Earlier today the 11inch iPad Pro was priced correctly... πŸ€”
Hmmm, such tough decisions... the iPad Pro and Mac Laptops are so similar in price. I love iPads, and I think the new Apple Pencil and Keyboard Folio will make that experience only more enjoyable. However, I do occasionally find issues with the iOS software for web development and currently you can't do any iOS development. Xcode for iPad would definitely change the game, but I don't think choosing an iPad over a Mac by guessing there will be an Xcode for iPad at WWDC 2019 (although being able to charge your iPhone from the new iPad Pro seems a pretty obvious sign that Xcode for iPad could be around the corner).
15 minutes until the Apple Event!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ iPads Pro anyone?
Is it just me or does this not seem right? When iPad is not on a charger is does a nose dive to 0%. During the last several hours the activity graph is almost non-existent the iPad had it's screen off and no apps running πŸ€” I think that means it's time for a new iPad.
I haven't installed the Apple Watch beta, but now that the GMs are released, I'm thinking I might go ahead and do it. Any warnings or suggestions?
The iPhone Xs looks like a nice upgrade for those in need of a phone upgrade, but seems like an iterative update rather than a major upgrade (unless you are into HUGE phones)
Wow! The Apple Leadership page has all the leadership with memoji heads!
My day one App Store downloads. Seems about right: AIM, Facebook, PayPal, a movie app, eBay and Google.
Yes!! I made it in!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
Welcome to the future, my little HomePod!
Apple and the Alexa Ecosystem is an interesting article. Federico provides a well thought out analysis of Alexa versus Siri and the pros and cons to each approach. 2018 should be very telling for the future of Siri
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So excited! It’s official, my iPhone is sitting in China ready to be loaded up and shipped off to me in the next 5 days
Super excited for my Apple Watch series 3 coming in today! I've been hearing great reviews! ⌚️
🎧 Listened to 240: Undefined Wait Period