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Checked in at Starbucks with Ash.
Exchanged information to help on Sam's quest
Had a nice dinner with some friends at Urbana District Park with Ash.

Summer 2017 Retrospective: Zoo Season 3 on CBS

Zoo, oh Zoo. What have you come to?

Early this summer I found Zoo Season 1 on Netflix. I started watching the first several episodes, talked about it with Ashley and she decided she was interested in it as well.

We quickly binged seasons 1 and 2 and it was great. We quickly moved into season 3 as three episodes had already aired by time we finished binging season 2.

I can imagine watching every season of Zoo with 9 months in-between has prevented many people from comparing season 1 with season 3, but wow is season 3 bad! It's like watching a slow descent into insanity. Season 1 seemed fresh and interesting and even season 2 seemed like a logical follow-on to the story of season 1. Season 3, however is like a poorly built add-on to a house. You can just tell it doesn't fit. All the things I liked about the characters in seasons 1 and 2 were completely destroyed in season 3. Every episode seemed like they were literally choosing the worst possible decisions. And the finale wasn't even a finale!

Call me old fashioned, but I like the seasons of a show to have an arc. The season finale closes the first arc and starts a new one for the next season. First of all, I desired for this whole show's arc to be closed. But even if not that, I would have at least desired a NEW arc for season 4 (if there is one). But no, instead they just bunted the ball. There was no clarity, no cliff-hanger, just all the characters literally yelling at each other and then the credits screen.

I hope, hope, HOPE that CBS just cancels this show. It doesn't deserve a season 4, I don't see any way for this show to redeem itself. I'm a completionist at heart, so I don't like to leave to shows, movies, or books unfinished. But if Zoo comes back with a season 4, I'm going to have to think long and hard about how committed I am to my completionist tendencies because I really don't want to see another episode of Zoo...which breaks my heart because I loved season 1.

Fall 2017 Premieres: Ghosted on FOX

Ghosted is a new half-hour comedy on FOX. I don't know if it's just me or if comedies nowadays just aren't that funny. With the music and special effects this show reminds me of a parody of Ghostbusters. While the story line makes almost no sense I think the worst part of the show is that the two main characters are literally obnoxious. I can handle a lot of things in the shows I watch but one of the primary requirements is I need to care about the characters. They can have all sorts of flaws but stupid obnoxious main characters does not draw me to watch it.

They kidnap the two main characters before we have any chance to care about them, for the rest of the premiere we just watch these two main characters run around the town yelling at each other, screaming and running for the lives. These two characters are completely incompetent.

I think I'm gonna have to cut this show from the list. Sorry FOX, I'm just not feeling Ghosted.

Goodbye Indiana...
Mark Driscoll in person!!! He's real!!
has one more full day of Germany before its back to the states
at Sat. Service doing sound, and then heading to the Ho'olaule'a to take photos for the paper
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