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Testing out a new homepage after thinking it through on my podcast. Definitely interested in any feedback you all have, it’s still a work in progress.
Watching ABC #worldnewstonight and extremely disappointed and saddened about the words and choices of the U.S. leadership.
Super excited to be a guest on this week’s Micro Monday! Thanks for the great conversation and enjoyable time, @macgenie!

Micro Monday, Episode 18: @EddieHinkle

This week, Jean talks to Eddie Hinkle. He’s a software engineer who lives in the Washington DC area, and he is working on several interesting projects, including Indigenous, an iOS app that provides an interface for the IndieWeb that’s currently in beta. Jean was grateful that Eddie could make the time to chat, especially as he is also a father-to-be whose child is due this week!
Just read a really interesting article on Zillow’s business changes. First I had no idea about these changes, secondly this is an amazing breakdown of the changes and why they would happen and what it could mean for the real estate industry.
Checked in at Express Factory Outlet with Ash.
Grabbing some lunch at Jimmy John's with Ash.
Reset 2016
Well, at least my phone is alive again...
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