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Cooking date night at Ballenger Creek Community Building with Ash.
40.75 ℉🌒Frederick, Marylandcheckin
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019/365: The AirPods arrived and they are just as awesome as I expected! #Eddie365 #day19of365 #nostringsonme
Apparently I still work for Apple: I just don't get paid.

Taught the lady on the bus how to make albums in her photo app, how to shuffle all her songs and most likely what is wrong that her iTunes won't sync all of her music all about her new Christmas iPad lol

Leave it to Apple to make everyone (somewhat) wish they were back in school! lol.
I'd like to film a documentary on causes and reactions of DC driving patterns .... Probably wouldn't do any good but people just are incapable of seeing the effects (or they don't care) what happens when they drive like they are 5 years old
Happy Mysterious Apple Announcement Day!
My evil master plan worked. By sitting behind a row of seats that are leaned back, I have successfully prevented anyone from sitting in the seat next to me (if you choose the least desirable location, no one will want to sit next to you) lol
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