I'd love to share a bit about my core values, the engine that drives my every day decisions.

Some of these are still works in progress, thanks for understanding!

Value every person

I believe that God created each person with inherent value and worth. This is part of being human, no matter where they were born, the language they speak, the religion they worship, the color of the skin or the way they express their sexuality, they were created out of love.

Choose Whimsy

Life is too short and exists too wonderfully to be a stick in the mud...join the fun. I'm still working on the description for this.

Stand up for Good

I believe there is ultimate black and white. There are things that are right and things that are wrong. For the good of all people, it is important for me to stand up for what is right, and call out that which is bad. That means working for companies that are making a difference in the world, taking care of our planet, and standing up for people who aren't treated fairly.

Live in Draft Mode

Be humble, understand that I (and everyone) is a work in progress... kind of like these core values.

Embrace Empathy

We should treat someone like we want to be treated. More coming soon...

Enjoy the Ride

The journey is more important than the outcome

Work Hard, Rest Harder

Still figuring this one out.

Prioritize Longevity

My health, what’s best for relationships, what’s best for the environment. Things like that.