I’m building reactions, or in IndieWeb terms, reacji. This is the idea that you can respond with a single emoji and instead of that displaying as a comment, it will display as the bottom of the post, with a count of how many people have chosen to respond with the different emoji.

As of the time of this writing, no emoji reactions will appear at the bottom of this post, however that is the purpose of this post. It’s a test bed for me rolling out the emoji reactions to my site. If you have an IndieWeb enabled website, I would appreciate the help. I’m asking that you send a webmention to this page with one of the following emoji (this is so that we can make sure that more than one person choose the same emoji): 🙌 🤞 🏆 💩 🌮

Thanks in advance, and check back later today or tomorrow and you should be able to see the new emoji reactions below: