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May 22, 2019
Summary of May 23, 2019
I watched 4 shows and movies, listened to 1 podcasts, today.


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I believe Micro.blog is a specific social community with a specific feel and expectation for what kind of posts are followed and engaged with. So, yeah, I did actually encourage him (and other IndieWeb people in chat) that they should at least for a little while follow and engage with people here so they understand the community better and it might encourage the type of things they share rather than sharing what we call a “firehose” feed.</p> <p>Each of us do have different interests and concerns. Sometimes you and I agree on things that concern and sometimes we don’t 🙂 it’s natural, but one of the things I do love and look for in this community is the interesting ideas and thoughtful engagement. So for that I always appreciate reading your posts/concerns even when they might not be my own concerns. And also, why I felt like tantek’s likes being in the feed wasn’t a natural part of the Micro.blog community
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Awesome! Looking forward to it!
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Interesting. I&#39;m trying to figure out the context here. Is this related to the state&#39;s political support or something I&#39;ve missed in the news?
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Nice, looks good!
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Wait, how did you use a subject??
↪ In Reply To: https://mb.jsorge.net/2019/05/22/did-the-podcast.html
What podcast is it? If there is some type of embargo, make sure and let us know when it&#39;s released!
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@ron some great discussions! Thanks guys! Just wanted to pop in and let you all know we did discuss it in the IndieWeb chat and Tantek mentioned he’s not opposed to removing likes from his feed he provides to Micro.blog. So in the near future I think his Micro.blog account might go back to standard posts as he posts them

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