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Oct 16, 2018
Summary of Oct 17, 2018
Oct 18, 2018
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Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Cheez-It Snack Mix.


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Uh oh... 😦
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Same thing! Shortcuts grows on you slowly but surely.
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While I don’t think it’s an app platform to have TONs of apps, there are some apps that make my life a lot easier and I would be incredibly sad if the watch DIDN’T allow any apps. For example: Omnifocus, YNAB, Focus, and having apps be able to supply tiles for the Siri Watch Face is something I’ve been wanting forever. But I agree the main story shouldn’t be apps in the way that it is in iPhone
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That 👏 Is 👏 Awesome👏
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Oh that’s very cool! Thanks for sharing!
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Whoa! What's that??!?!?!
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Beautiful cat! 🐱 Yay! Always happy to see cat photos on here 😁
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Awesome! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it 😁 the IndieWebCamps are always a good time, even remotely! Although some end up having a better remote experience than others depending on the organizers, physical space and tech available. There is one this weekend in Nuremberg, even if you can't follow it live due to your schedule, you can always follow along with the videos on YouTube after the fact. There's a pretty interesting group gathering there, so I expect there will be some good discussions.
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Interesting. How many podcasts do you subscribe to? I find podcast listening habits interesting. I subscribe to a LOT of podcasts and most of them happen on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. So as a listener if I’m adding a show that is longer than 30 minutes that probably means I’m cutting out an existing show, because I find I just don’t have enough time to listen to all the podcasts I want.

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