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Hi Cory, You talked about some of the disadvantages in using social media. You specifically listed the fact that “some people post way too much information about themselves.” This is very true and can have unintended consequences in addition to the examples you listed. For example, in an article on the guardian, several millennials describe reasons they have quit using social media. Celan Beausoleil, a social worker from California, explained that “A lot of my job is I willingly listen to people’s lives all day every day, and it started to feel so overwhelming to go on social media and see every single detail of everybody’s life” (Brait, 2016). Other reasons that millennials used for stopping use of social media was that they felt like they spent too much time on social media and that they wondered what they could enjoy if they spent that time doing something else. Another issue being that when people’s romantic relationships end, the emotional hardship is added to because they have to decide if they should change profile photos or change their relationship status. It can add a lot of baggage to a time that is already hard enough as it is (Brait, 2016). Besides that, another downfall of sharing so much information on social media is that the companies never delete your information. Which means, for better or worse, your life choices and decisions of photos, activities and notes that you choose to post are stored in their archives forever.


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